No offense to our industry colleagues but the video production world is not known for it’s fun, enthusiastic personalities, it’s impeccable organization and accurate timelines. We didn’t set out to be different, we just are.


Miami Film Kings lives in the space between large production houses demanding 6 figure budgets and freelance videographers. We are a small but mighty full service production house in Miami, Florida. From concepting to scripting, storyboarding, producing, shooting, editing, motion graphics and animation, we are ready to tackle your video project. We also spend lots of time consulting with companies that are looking for video content strategy guidance.


 We’ve worked hard to scale appropriately and keep the business lean. This is what keeps us accessible to smaller and mid-size companies, which is important to us. Sometimes all you need is for someone to see a video of your product or service to believe it exists so they can buy it. Each project is treated individually and quoted based on the services and crew needed to accomplish the job. This allows us to scale up for large projects and budgets and scale down for smaller, simpler projects.



If you have been looking for someone to create your next video, give us a call and let’s see if we are a right fit for you!


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Our clients hire us to make videos that inspire their customers to take an action – click, buy, learn, etc.  We are happy to talk with you about your video project so send us an email

to Miamfilmkings@gmail.com


We look forward to producing your next video!

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